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Luminous Tape

Luminous Tape

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Product Description:

The Luminous Tape is a versatile and innovative product designed to provide visibility and safety in low-light or dark conditions. It is made with a special photoluminescent material that absorbs and stores ambient light, allowing it to glow brightly in the dark without the need for any external power source.

Key Features:

  1. High Visibility: The luminous tape emits a strong and long-lasting glow, ensuring excellent visibility even in complete darkness. This makes it an ideal solution for enhancing safety in various environments.

  2. Easy Application: The tape comes with a self-adhesive backing, making it quick and effortless to apply to a wide range of surfaces. Simply peel off the protective layer and stick it onto the desired area.

  3. Durable and Weather-resistant: The tape is made from premium quality materials that are highly durable and weather-resistant. It can withstand outdoor conditions, including rain, sunlight, and extreme temperatures, without losing its luminous properties.

  4. Versatile Use: The Luminous Tape has numerous applications across different industries and settings. It can be used to mark emergency exits, highlight hazardous areas, improve visibility on staircases, create visual cues in dark rooms or corridors, and enhance the visibility of objects or equipment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
David Borer

Of course they glow like in the photo of the store, but still, it's okay. The ribbon itself is white, and it glows blue.

Elise Emmerich

The tape is glowing, everything is normal! Thank you!

Fabiola Legros

Glow in the dark.

Tevin Macejkovic

good, noticable glow when charged

Orion Medhurst

In the case did not try the supplement later